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January 2015 Patreon Incentives by DestinyFailsUs January 2015 Patreon Incentives by DestinyFailsUs

Hey Awesome People!

It’s almost the end of the month, so I figured I make one more post for January displaying the incentives you’d receive if you donate to my patreon. 

The first incentive is a music sample from the game, “A New Life” to listen to.Music samples are subject to change by the time the game is released.

January’s wallpaper pack featured a character named Harley Brisby. Harley is One-Hit-Wonder Boy’s best friend; He is on the track team, and loves to swim; He can never pronounce Idril’s name correctly; and depending on your choices throughout the game, Harley can become friends with Idril.

This January I uploaded a bonus wallpaper pack, which is the Happy Birthday wallpaper. Earlier this month was my birthday, so to celebrate I made myself a wallpaper of Idril eating cake. I decided to share this wallpaper with my patrons.

Donating to patreon helps me immensely. I spend anywhere from 80-100 hours a week working on this game, and every little bit helps me make this game. If you can, I’d be grateful if you could spread the word and help an otome developer out. 

Thank you so much for the support! Stay awesome. ^^

- Ame

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- PS - I'm sorry if I missed any comments to reply to. All of my messages disappeared while I was offline one day. I didn't mean to ignore anyone!

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